Foot Reflexology


Foot Reflexology


Indulgence for body and mind

Foot reflexology is an ancient reflex-type manual technique, it was practiced in China in a popular way as a diagnostic method to prevent diseases and treat others already manifested.

It arises from the principle that points out that the feet represent a schematic image of the entire body, organs, and systems of the organism.

Through massage and pressure of the reflex zones that we find in the feet, the corresponding organs can be influenced at a reflex level. Slow and deep circulatory movements are used as tolerated by the patient.

This massage allows you to relax but also sleep better, calm down and increase physical and mental performance.

To start the session, we submerge the feet in warm water that allows them to relax, then we perform an exfoliation of the foot, seeking to eliminate dead cells, then we apply the massage with massage oil, and finally, we apply a delicious champagne cream.

There is a growing need for massage therapy in the workplace. Stress is a major contributor to unproductive, unhappy employees. Many companies today are beginning to realize that if they keep their employees happy and healthy that they will be more productive.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

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